Marija Temo to perform with Wendy Clinard (contemporary flamenco dancer), opening for Yolanda Osuna at Chicago Flamenco Festival 2/28; Offer flamenco guitar, singing, & communication wkshps 3/1; Attend the screening of Flamenco Documentary which she is featured 3/2, 2015

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2/28/15 (Sat.)Marija Temo to perform as a guest with Wendy Clinard (contemporary flamenco dancer), opening for Yolanda Osuna at the Chicago Flamenco Festival.
Time: 7:30p.m.
Location: Instituto Cervantes, 31 West Ohio St. Chicago, IL

3/1/15 (Sun.) Special Workshop with Marija Temo  for Guitarists, Singers, and Dancers separately, and then combined. (All levels welcome!)
Palo: Tangos- Letra de Granada
Location:  3755 N. Western Ave., Chicago, IL

Learn to accompany, sing, and dance one letra of Tangos de Granada. Each discipline will have its own separate class session to learn the letra, and then combine new knowledge working together.  Attention will be given to basic concepts for beginners and more advanced ones for experienced attendees.

1:00- 2:00p.m. Flamenco Guitar workshop
2:00- 3:00p.m. Flamenco Cante workshop with Guitar (Guitarists are encouraged to attend and try out their new learned skills while singers learn the letra)
3:00- 4:30p.mFlamenco Communication (For Guitarists, Singers, and Dancers) Learn to follow one other and apply what has been taught in the previous workshops.

Focus will be on letra structure with some deviations, techniques, accents, aire, how and where to follow and respond to cante, what chords are used and how and when they are to be played, how to follow baile, how to clearly convey melody and tones so a guitarist can anticipate the correct chords to be played and both the guitarist and dancer can anticipate the cante structure and how to respond rhythmically and musically.
Dancers are highly encouraged to bring marking steps or choreography they already know in order to learn how to improvise and follow the music.
Students will be allowed to audio record but not video record.
Helpful supplies to bring to class:  Pencil and paper
Dancers: flamenco shoes and practice dance wear
Musicians: guitars, capo, vocals, cajon

Advanced Registration class fees:

Flamenco Guitar workshop: $55
Cante Workshop: $55
Flamenco Communication Wkshp: $65


Package for all 3 workshops: $160
Package for 2 workshops (Guitar/Cante and Communication): $110

DAY OF WORKSHOP Cost per class:
Guitar or Cante: $70
Flamenco Communication Workshop: $80

Cash or check made out to Marija Temo, mail c/o Kathi Beste, N. Lakewood Ave., Chicago, IL 60613
PayPal through
(No refunds or cancellations)

Flamenco Arts Center website info on Marija Temo’s Workshop and events

Marija’s Communication Course was offered for 10 years consecutively at the University of New Mexico International Flamenco Festival, at the Toronto International Flamenco Festival, and reviewed in magazines such as Flamenco USA, Flamenco International (London, England), and Dance Magazine.  Marija’s method, which works for students of all experience levels, continues to be in demand in the US and abroad.

3/2/15 (Mon.) Marija Temo available for privates and semi-private instruction at FAC in Chicago, and Flamenco Documentary Film, Sobre Las Olas- History of flamenco artists in the US, (which features Marija Temo, Chicago artists, and other US artists) will be shown. Marija Temo will attend the screening and a forum discussion following the film will occur.

Contact Marija Temo to set up private and semi-private classes
Private classes: $70 per hour
Semi-Private classes: $60 per person per hour.
Location: Flamenco Arts Center, 3755 N. Western Ave., Chicago, IL

Flamenco Documentary, Sobre Las Olas, History of flamenco artists in the US
: 6:00p.m.
: Northeastern University
(Forum discussion to occur after the screening)


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