Photograph interpretation via flamenco dance, guitar, hip hop, beatboxer, and violin, Chicago, IL, 4/8/18

Posted by admin - March 31st, 2018

Please Join us for a photo exhibit and performance by Clinard Dance. Performances at 3 & 4p.
April 8th 2-5p
FREE Admission, Doors open at 2:00
National Museum of Mexican Art
1852 W.19th St
Chicago, IL 60608
This event is sponsored by the University of Chicago Library and the Center for East Asian Studies, with support from a Title VI National, Resource Center Grant from the United State Department of Education

Clinard Dance and Japanese photographer Akito Tsuda team up to create an interdisciplinary work based on Akito’s photos of Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood in the early 1990′s.

The static discipline of photography and moving disciplines of Flamenco music and dance work like a jigsaw puzzle shifting the foreground and background continuously; the art forms are different but the key is that something gets shared and there’s a richer sense of each other individually, artistically and culturally.

Akito’s photos of the tailor shop, the shoemaker, and the smiling lady at the laundry tug at the heart and inspire the percussive footwork of flamenco to join in with the rhythms of the sewing machine, the washers/dyers and the complex sounds taken from the shoemaker. People’s everyday repetitive actions/sounds are the percussive fuel for establishing tempos and an original score by The Flamenco Quartet Project and choreography by Wendy Clinard.

Collaborators are: hip hop dancer Christopher Courtney, beatboxer Yuri Basho Lane, violinist Steve Gibons, guitarist Marija Temo and flamenco dance by Wendy Clinard and Marisela Raymi Dalila Tapia.

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