Temo & DeMars April flamenco workshop series on Saturdays via zoom

Posted by admin - March 31st, 2020


I am excited to inform you of the following workshop series for the month of April!


Flamenco Communication Workshop for Guitarists, Singers and Dancers

Marija Temo and Kerensa DeMars are teaming up to offer some quarantine relief, flamenco style.  We will break down the steps, cante, and accompaniment for each section and talk about how the dancer, player and singer can work together most effectively. We’ll answer questions and you’ll have the opportunity to work on your own responsiveness skills.  Zoom will be the platform used to give better communication options and segments of the workshop will be recorded for you to use later as practice tools.

We hope you’ll join us for this fun Saturday afternoon workshop series during the month of April. Let’s use this opportunity to deepen our flamenco knowledge and practice in new ways.

Week One: A Window Into the Creative Process: Alegrias (Buleria de Cadiz, salida, llamada)
In this workshop we’ll take sections of a typical Alegrias (buleria de Cadiz, salida, llamada) and explore how the guitarist, singer and dancer can best support each other. Marija and Kerensa will break down the steps, letra and accompaniment for each section and talk about how the dancer, player and singer can work together most effectively.
Week Two: Bulerías Endings – (Salidas)
In this workshop we’ll look at various ways to end a bulería. This section (in fin de fiesta) comes after the letra(s) and at the end of your patada. Dancers will work with giving clear cues to singers and guitarists to close out the dance. Singers will work on timing and different ways to come in for the final Salidas. We’ll look at how clear signals from the dancer and singer allow the guitar to be more supportive. Note that we will explore Salidas that end in a Major Key, which are handled differently than a traditional Phrygian Salida.

Temo & DeMars Wkshp Promo Video Bulerias Salida Ay

Week Three- (Transitions from Tientos to Tangos)

Our Quarantine Workshop continues Saturday April 18th with Tientos/Tangos.  We’ll be looking at the transition from Tientos to Tangos and how it can be led by the singer or the dancer.

Singers will learn how to initiate the tangos section by changing the rhythm at the end of the tientos letra. Dancers will learn how to follow the singer when this happens and how to initiate the change themselves. Guitarists will learn techniques to accompany both types of transitions. We’ll also talk about understanding the musical phrasing in this situation, how to hear the transition, how to support it with palmas and how to make a clear transition for singers and dancers. After the workshop you’ll receive a link to a practice video that breaks down the material in three ways: with cante, guitar and dance; with guitar and dance; with cante and dance.

Week Four- (Tangos del Titi)

The April Quarantine Workshop is in its final week!  April 25th we will be working on Tangos del Titi.

This style of tangos is a lot of fun and we’re looking forward to sharing it with you. We’ll be covering one of the quintessential letras del Titi and talking about chord changes, accenting and contratiempo phrasing. We’ll also talk about the history of this style of tangos and compare it to other styles of tangos you may be more familiar with. We will cover the complete letra in the workshop for singers, dancers and guitarists.

Dancers who pre-register by Friday, will receive a prep video with some of the steps we’ll be using during the live workshop.

(Workshop will run!  No refunds. Must submit payment no later than 11:00a.m. on workshop day.)

All participants will receive a practice video following the workshop that breaks down the materials in three ways: dance/guitar/cante, dance/guitar, cante/dance.

Flamenco Communication Workshop Series
Sat.’s: April 4, 11, 18, 25
1-3p.m.C/ 2-4:00p.m. EST
Zoom (Group number will be emailed on workshop day)
Fee: $65
Must pre-pay no later than 11:00a.m. on workshop day
5 people minimum to run workshop

(It will be noted by 11:00a.m Central on the workshop day, under the workshop week description, if the workshop will run.  No refunds.
Stay tuned as we are going to offer monthly workshops. Next workshop, May 23:-)


Venmo, Facebook payment, or Paypal accepted.

Cost: $65


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