6/20/20 “Flamenco Revealed” Online Wkshp w/ Marija Temo & Kerensa DeMars

Posted by admin - June 3rd, 2020


Flamenco Revealed is a learning series brought to you by guitarist/singer Marija Temo and dancer Kerensa DeMars. Designed for flamenco dancers, guitarists and singers, FLAMENCO REVEALED includes monthly online workshops, individual coaching sessions and an educational video series.

Each month we present a new topic and work with students on the technique and communication skills related to that topic. Previous workshops have covered: Bulerías de Cadiz, Tangos del Titi, Tientos/Tangos Transitions and Bulerías Salidas and Remates.  We break down the steps, cante, and accompaniment for each topic and talk about how the dancer, player and singer can work together most effectively. In our live workshops we answer your questions, discuss how to best support each other, act out the problem spots and illustrate how to clearly communicate with your dancer, guitarist and singer.

Working with CONTRATIEMPO (Counter time)
Sat. June 20, 2020
1:00- 2:30p.m. Central (2-3:30p.m. EST/ 11-12:30 PT)
Fee: $65
Payments must be received by 11am CST on the day of the workshop. Please ensure the payment email address you use is the same email you wish to receive the Zoom link for the workshop. Complete your registration by visiting FLAMENCO REVEALED

Workshop Description: We’ll explore the 12 count contratiempo patterns dancers use in forms such as Alegrias, Bulerias, Solea por Bulerias and discuss how to keep the compás (rhythm) steady for dancers, singers, guitarists and palmeros. A footwork pattern with three dance variations will be taught with accompaniment options for guitar, palmas and jaleos.  We’ll look at the importance of accenting in contratiempo patterns and talk about some of the secrets performers use to stay in compás during long contratiempo sections.

Videos for you to have? Yes!!
Dancers who register by June 17th will receive a prep video with three 12 count contratiempo variations including turns and marcaje we’ll be using in the workshop. All participants will receive a practice video following the workshop that breaks down the material in three sections: guitar/cante/baile, guitar/baile, cante/baile.



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