Flamenco Revealed Online Workshop with Kerensa DeMars and Marija Temo, 2/6/21

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Retenerse por Soleá – Holding Back in Soleá

WHEN: SATURDAY FEBRUARY 6TH 1-2:30PM CST (2-3:30p.m. EST/ 11-12:30 PT)


FEE: $65

Register and for more info, visit FLAMENCO REVEALED

Join us Saturday February 6th for an online workshop in Flamenco Dynamics. In this workshop we’ll explore the Flamenco concept of how to ‘retenerse’ or hold back as a way to create strong accents. Using a Solea letra we’ll look at the way guitarists, singers and dancers can approach tension/release to create dramatic effects within the letra. Dancers will learn choreography that can be applied in different ways to work with tension/release. Singers and guitarists will work with the cambio in a solea letra to explore options for accents, building tension and when to release. Marija and Kerensa will discuss the concept of tension/release and how it’s used in Flamenco and demonstrate how the concept works across of variety of Flamenco styles.

Dancers who register by Wednesday February 3rd will receive a prep video that includes the choreography we’ll use in the workshop.

All participants will receive a practice video following the workshop with the material we cover.

As always in our live workshops we answer your questions, discuss how to best support each other, act out the problem spots and illustrate how to clearly communicate with your dancer, guitarist and singer.

Register and for more info, visit FLAMENCO REVEALED

Payments must be received by 11am CST on the day of the workshop.
Please ensure the payment email address you use is the same email you wish to receive the Zoom link for the workshop.


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