M. Temo Flamenco Communication Intensive with guest artist, Kerensa DeMars, Milwaukee, WI 8/26-28/21

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Flamenco Communication Intensive “in person”
with Marija Temo and Guest Artist, Kerensa DeMars

Cuadro coaching/Por Fiesta Class/Cuadro Performances/Juerga/Observe

(Thurs- Sat.) Aug. 26- 28, 2021

Cuadro Coaching & Performances
This year’s intensive is an exciting opportunity for you to work on your communication skills with a group of singers, guitarists, dancers, and palmeros together. Known as a ‘cuadro’ in Flamenco performances, the cuadro groups will be coached together and perform together.

Each student will have the opportunity to work at their level as a performer or as a cuadro member in a support role with other participants.  Students will be assigned to one of  two cuadro groups of dancers, singers, and guitarists to work with for the three days.  What will be addressed: Improving flamenco communication skills for any problem areas that surface, how to fix things on the fly, and support your fellow artists with good palmas, jaleo, and seco playing (muffled playing) . Besides working with each other, players, singers, and dancers in cuadro style will get to work with Marija and Kerensa. The intensive will culminate in a performance with two cuadro groups planning their set list and performing for each other.

Por Fiesta classes
In addition, a por fiesta class for all levels will be offerred. Por fiesta refers to fun, energetic group numbers in bulerias or tangos. Dancers perform a small series of movements accompanied with singing, guitar accompaniment, and palmas. In performance, dancers dance one after the other with various singers. Por Fiesta students are encouraged to participate in the fin de fiesta part of the Cuadro performances if they so wish with their own repertoire, performing the material taught in the por fiesta class, or participating with palmas.  Por Fiesta students will be assigned a cuadro group for the fin de fiesta part of the performance.

Everyone will have an opportunity to participate in the performance if they wish. The performances will be recorded for your personal use following the intensive.

Juerga (Flamenco Party)
Sat. after the Cuadro Performances at the Church where the Intensive is being held.

Observe:  Observation fees are for those persons not registering for the Cuadro coaching or Por Fiesta classes; otherwise all student registered may observe the Cuadro coaching and Por Fiesta classes for free.

July 25, 2021: Deadline for performers to register and submit the following info to be part of a Cuadro Group. Email Marija Temo, info@marijatemo.com

Aug. 25, 2021
: Deadline to register for the Por Fiesta classes or just Observe

Por Fiesta students, you will join in on the fin de fiesta part of the Cuadro performance if you so choose and will be assigned a Cuadro group.

One or two of your most confident and complete dances from beginning to end. (If you have more, feel free to send a list. There is no guarantee that you will dance more than one number.)
If you have one letra minimum por Tangos and Bulerias for the fin de fiesta part of the Cuadro performance; if not, you can do palmas, and how many coplas of Sevillanas you know; if not, you can do palmas.

The palos that you are most comfortable playing that have an opening falseta and dance falseta.  If you do not have falsetas, you still are able to accompany as second guitarist in a supportive role or as a palmera/o. Also inform me if you are able to accompany Tangos and Bulerias letras and Sevillanas for the fin de fiesta portion of the Cuadro performance.

The palos you are most comfortable singing with at least 2 letras to sing for dancers. If you only have one letra per palo, please let me know so you can be paired with another singer. For the Fin de fiesta part of the Cuadro Performance, please submit how many letras you have por Tangos and Bulerias, how many estribillos/Salidas, and how many coplas of Sevillanas.  Lastly, inform me of where you sing with the capo for all your palos.

This site will be updates regularly to display which cuadro group you will be in along with the palos to be coached and performed in the show, as well as other info.


Cuadro coaching members will have the opportunity to observe the other Cuadro’s coaching or rehearse with your group on the times that you are not being coached.

Por Fiesta students can observe everything for free.

Cuadro A       Palos, Dancers, Singers, Guitarists, Palmeros

Tientos, Dancer: Tianyi
Guajiras, Dancer: Dianne
Solea por Bulerias, Guest Dancer: Kerensa DeMars
Fin de Fiesta: Por Fiesta students to be included in Cuadro A’s por fiesta
Singer: Lisa, (Marija if needed)
Guitarists: Bob and Duane

Cuadro B       Palos, Dancers, Singers, Guitarists, Palmeros

Alegrias, Dancer: Jenn
Solea, Dancer: Paula
Tientos, Dancer: Quetura
Solea por Bulerias, Guest Dancer, Kerensa DeMars
Fin de Fiesta:   Por Fiesta students to be included in Cuadro B’s por fiesta
Singers: Suzanne, Veronica
Guitarists: Bruce, Jay

Dance Studio Location

Dance Studio:  The Cathedral Church of All Saints
818 East Juneau Ave., Milwaukee, WI

(Flamenco workshops/coachings are held in the room to your left as you enter the red door with the building marked 816 Cathedral Institute). Street parking available and behind and to the side of the church. Behind the church, be sure your car is in spots facing the church side; otherwise you will be towed.

1 -3 minute walk from Hotels listed below (about 1 -2 blocks)



Cuadro Coaching with M. Temo & K. DeMars

Por Fiesta Classes
(for all levels of dance, guitar, singing, and palmas)

9:30a.m.-  11:00a.m       Cuadro A Coaching

11:00a.m- 12:30p.m.     Cuadro B Coaching

12:30pm.-   2:30p.m.     Lunch

2:30p.m. -  4:00p.m.    Cuadro A Coaching

4:00p.m. -  5:30p.m.     Cuadro B Coaching

5:30p.m. – 6:00p.m.     Break

6:00p.m..-   7:30p.m.    Por Fiesta class (Bulerias) for all levels of dance, guitar, singing, and palmas

7:30p.m.                     Dinner

 FRIDAY, Aug. 27

Same schedule as Thurs, additional repertoire for to be covered in each Cuadro


9:30a.m.- 11:00a.m. Por Fiesta class for all levels of dance, guitar, singing, and palmas (Bulerias Review)

11:00a.m. – 12:30p.m. Run Cuadro A

12:30- 2:30p.m. Lunch

2:30p.m.- 4:00p.m. Run Cuadro B

4:00p.m.  Break/Dinner/Prep for Show

7:00p.m.  Show (Each Cuadro performs for the other) for students participants only at the Church

8:30p.m. (approx) Juerga after the show for all to attend at the Church

SUNDAY, Aug. 29

11:00a.m. Share and chat in a late breakfast as people depart to return home



Astor Hotel:                                                
The Astor Hotel, http://theastorhotel.com/

924 E. Juneau Avenue, Milwaukee, WI
414- 271-4220
Check in after 4:00p.m. (Can store luggage)
Check out 11:00a.m.
1 minute walk to Church (about 1 block)

The Knickerbocker on the Lake
1028 E Juneau Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53202
Has a restaurant
3 minute walk to the Church (about 2 blocks)

County Claire Irish Inn and Pub
234 N. Astor Street
Milwaukee, WI 53202
414- 272-5273Has a restaurant
3 minute walk to the church (about 2 blocks)

Try searching Airbnb’s in downtown eastide Milwaukee near the church


Restaurants/Grocery Store
within walking distance of dance studio   

Metro Market Grocery Store
Sun – Sat: 6:00 AM – 11:00 PM
1123 N. Van Buren. MILWAUKEE, WI 53202
(414) 273-1928
3 minute walk from church

Café at the Plaza
Address: 1007 N Cass St, Milwaukee, WI 53202
Phone:(414) 276-2101
7a.m. to 2:00p.m.
Does not take reservations
Has GF and Vegetarian dishes

The Knick
1030 E Juneau Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53202
(414) 272-0011
Has some GF and Vegetarian dishes

916 East State Street
Milwaukee, WI 53202
Also has salads, sandwiches

County Claire Irish Inn and Pub
234 N. Astor Street
Milwaukee, WI 53202
414- 272-5273Has a restaurant
3 minute walk to the church (about 2 blocks)

Buckley’s Restaurant and Bar
801 N Cass St, Milwaukee, WI 53202
(414) 277-1111

Other Restaurants:
Many restaurants are on Brady St. They are within walking distance or short uber drives


Airport/Amtrak/Transportation downtown

Airport: General Mitchell                                                             
20 minutes from downtown to Hotel and Dance studio
Uber is ½ the cost of a taxi around $25 one way.

Amtrak: https://www.amtrak.com/home
$25 one way from Chicago to Milwaukee
Trains run around 6x per day to and from Amtrak
10 minute uber from hotel/dance studio
Uber is around $8.00 one way to Hotel and Church

Trolley – For $1 per ride, will drop you to different places downtown

*The Hop (Milwaukee’s street car)- Free one way and round trip rides.
To and from Amtrak Station and can drop you very close to the church and end at Burns Commons.

Uber- easy to access in downtown Milwaukee short distances to everything downtown

Astor Hotel Shuttle Service takes you to anywhere in the downtown area
Hours: 7:00a.m.- 11:00p.m. Fri and Sat
7:00a.m- 8:00p.m. Mon- Thurs


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