Flamenco Amazement Performance Requests

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(*Note that Ms. Temo is happy to work within your means so Flamenco Amazement can be offered.)

(Flamenco Amazement Lecture-Performance offered as a 45 or 50 min. presentation):

Arrival Time
1 hour before performance

Sound /Lighting Check Time
Upon Artists arrival: ½ hr. Sound/Lighting check in performance space/ theatre.

Dress/Make-up/Warm-up Time:
1/2 hour before performance.
Please provide some type of room/dressing room, preferably located near the performance space/stage to change and store items, and water.

Please provide: 1 armless chair, preferably 1 cushioned folding chair or adjustable piano bench.  If available, some type of stage.

If venue has lighting, Artist prefers to perform in a lit performance area/stage. Lighting to be discussed at Sound & Lighting Tech Time

Note: The program can be done without any sound but adults, students, and children will most likely have difficulty hearing artist.  The more attendees, the more advisable to have amplification.

Guitarist/Singer, Marija Temo, can supply her own small amplifier, a wireless vocal and guitar microphone, 2 XLR cables, and 2 receivers and transmitters.

For small venues
Artists requests:

1 Staff member to help with any sound and lighting of the performance area.

Please have 2- 3 electrical outlets near stage or performance area with 3 hole receptacle for amp and receivers.

Power strip so equipment can be placed close together.

The receivers to be placed within 300 feet of the performance area/stage and in a safe and secluded area to avoid accidental damage.

If available, provide as back up: 1 vocal microphone, 1 guitar microphone, and 2 boom stands

For bigger venues/auditoriums/theatres
Artists requests:

If available, provide in house amplification system

2 monitors (pending the size of the venue), 1 placed on each side of the performance area/stage.

1-2 Stage Technicians (1 for lighting and 1 for sound tech or 1 that can do both, pending the size of venue).

Phantom power to be turned on.

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