Flamenco Communication Workshop Requests

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1/2hr set up time prior to Wkshp and Coaching.

Personnel:  1 sound tech or someone to help with sound


    • If dancers are attending, a large space consisting of a wooden floor (without any type of covering) and mirrors (if possible) is needed. A dance studio would be best if it can be arranged.


    • In house Amplification system or 1 Acoustic guitar amp with phantom power XLR and 1/4 inch compatible containing 2 separate independent inputs for two separate microphones (guitar & vocal)


    • Guitarist/Singer, Marija Temo, will supply her own wireless vocal and guitar microphone, 2 receivers and transmitters. (The receivers will need to be placed within 300 feet of the teaching area and in a safe and secluded area to avoid accidental damage.) She will also bring dry eraser markers and a dry eraser to make notes on the mirrors.


  • 2 XLR cables and 1 Quarter inch patch cable for Artist’s mics
  • 3 electrical outlets near teaching area with 3 hole receptacle for amp and receivers.
  • Supply power strip so equipment can be placed close together.
  • Phantom power to be turned on.
  • Provide as back up:  1 vocal microphone, 1 guitar microphone, and 2 boom stands
  • Armless chairs for guitarists and 1 for Artist
  • Ample lighting needed
  • Markers, large paper and tape (or large post it notes) if mirrors are not available.
  • Water to be provided for Artist

For Participants:
Participants are recommended to bring paper and pens as well their dance shoes, guitars, and capos. Audio recording allowed. Any video recording or internet posting, must have Artist’s approval.


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