Flamenco Dance Classes and Guitar accompaniment to Dance classes with Marija Temo, Milwaukee, WI

Flamenco Dance classes

Flamenco Dance classes for Children, Adult (Beginner and Intermediate levels) with live guitar and vocal accompaniment by Marija Temo

Description: Flamenco hand claps (palmas) with the different accentuation patterns, arm/hand movements, and footwork combinations will be introduced along with an emphasis on structure and improvisation with guitar and vocal. No previous experience needed for Beginner classes. Each class we will review and add new material. Join in anytime during the semester. You can get something out of each class:-)

Flamenco Guitar Accompaniment to Dance Classes (scroll down for prices)

Flamenco Communication Workshop for Dancers, Guitarists, and Singers. Click on the link to read about Marija Temo’s nationally and internationally known combined workshop for dancers, guitarists, and singers.


Due to performance travels and church unavailability, some or all classes will be canceled when they conflict with Sunday classes.
Dates with lines through them = Class canceled
Yellow highlights = some or all flamenco classes may be canceled. Stay tuned.  See Notes below.


Waiting on payments for Dec. 8 flamenco dance class.

Dec. 6, 2019 for flamenco juerga (party).
7:00p.m- midnight
Tapas will be served.
$10 Donation.
Also, you may bring a bottle of wine or beverage to share.
RSVP to Mary Lou at MLou2600@gmail.com
Location: Mary Lou’s home.
Students of Kerensa DeMars and Marija Temo and all flamenco enthusiasts are welcome.

News: I am happy to announce that I will be collaborating with flamenco dance instructor, Kerensa DeMars.  I highly recommend taking classes with her. She is a very experienced dancer and flamenco instructor who is now living in Milwaukee.

The material she will be teaching in her classes will coincide with mine.  In my class you will have the opportunity to try out her combinations and apply it to cante and guitar. I will coach you on how to effectively convey the steps, the communication, compas, and structure with cante and guitar.  In addition, I will also add my own material for those who are not able to attend Kerensa’s classes. I welcome questions to be addressed by both teachers.  This collaboration of two flamenco teachers is designed to help you reinforce the understanding, listening skills, and execution of the material from a dance, singing, and guitar perspective.

Palos to be covered: Tangos and Siguiriyas

Fall Semester 2019

Sept. 9/1, 9/8, 9/15, 9/22, 9/29
Oct. 10/6, 10/13, 10/20, 10/27
Nov. 11/3, 11/10, 11/17, 11/24
Dec. 12/1, 12/8, 12/15, 12/22, 12/29

When: Sundays

1:30- 3:00p.m. Adult Flamenco Dance Classes (All levels welcome)

Location: The Cathedral Church of All Saints, 816 East Juneau Ave. , Milwaukee, WI (Dance classes are held in the room to your left as you enter the red door with the building marked 816 Cathedral Institute). Street parking available and also behind and to the side of the church. Be sure your car is in spots facing the church side; otherwise you will be towed.

Payment Policy

Adult Classes:
Minimum 4 dancers (pre-paid) to run a class.

New prices:
$30.00 for 1 class per week pre-paid.
$55.00 for 2 consecutive classes (This discount is offered for students willing to commit to attend 2 consecutive classes, not whenever they wish.)
$35.00 per class: Drop in fee (check or cash at class)
$15.00 for guitarists to accompany per dance class

Note: I am happy to give a private class, semi-private or small group class of 3 students. Contact Marija Temo for scheduling and payment.


Private: $75 per hour, $40 per 1/2hr
Semi-private: $50 per person, per hour
Small group 3 people: $35 per person, per hour


How do I make payments?

Click on paypal button below and click on the Drop down menu for Single or Double Class Package.
Check with Marija if you would like to pre-pay with check or cash.

Venmo or Paypal accepted. (Transaction fees are included in Paypal purchases. Venmo does not have transaction fees and can be paid directly from your phone. Ask Temo to friend you on Venmo.)

When do I make payments?

Deadline for pre-payments is Friday by 9:00p.m.
Students may enter anytime during the semester.

How will I know if classes will run?

Sunday classes will run ONLY if there are 4 or more dance students pre-paid by Fri. at 9:00p.m.

Temo will post on her website by Fri. at 9:00p.m. if Sunday’s classes will run. Please check website as email reminders will no longer be sent out.

At Sunday’s class, there is a registration sheet that shows which weeks your payment(s) are applied. Check the registration sheet weekly to see when your next payment is due. Note that email reminders will no longer be sent out. If you can’t remember if you payment is due, feel free to contact Temo.

Class Cancellations:
If class is canceled, your pre-payments will apply to the very next class date unless you inform Temo.  Information needed by Fri  9:00p.m. of the date(s) you will be using your pre-paid class payment; otherwise no refunds for classes not attended.

Student Absence:
No refunds for class(es) not attended.
Note that if you cannot make 2 consecutive classes, pay for a single class. If you are unsure if you can attend class, pay the drop in rate.

REGISTRATIONS: Sign up for the class you would like to enroll by clicking on the drop down menu and submitting payment for the class of your choice. For questions, contact Marija Temo

Flamenco Dance Class


Flamenco Guitar Accompaniment to Dance Classes

Leotard or fitted top
Skirt/fitted pants/ or exercise pants, toe covered shoe with thick heel (preferred: character dance shoe or flamenco shoe: Boys/Men: short flexible boot).

Chicago Dance Supply:
Type in Flamenco Skirts in the search bar: http://www.chicagodancesupply.com/cgi-bin/commerce.cgi

Discount Dance Supply:
Type in Flamenco Skirts in the search bar: http://www.discountdance.com/index.php?gclid=CPz95Nn7y8YCFVUbgQod6VAJzA
Character shoes are only available on this site. Type in flamenco shoes and they will show different styles of character shoes.

Skirts and Bata de Colas:
Other info: Liability waiver will need to be signed not holding Marija Temo or All Saints Cathedral for any personal injury or personal property damage that may occur for the time you enter and and leave the premises.


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