Flamenco Singing classes (Multi-level) with Marija Temo


Class will run on 8/9/20


Flamenco Singing classes (multi-level) with Marija Temo
Learn some fun flamenco melodies like Rumba and Tangos, classic estribillos (chorus type refrains), and experiment with cante jondo sounds. We will also explore how to breathe, match pitch, learn a flamenco scale, practice singing with palmas, and more!


Class info:
Sundays (Online weekly)
First class, Sunday, May 16, 2020
2:30- 3:30p.m. Central
3 person minimum


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Pay online below and join the zoom meeting.  You may join at the last minute if class will run, but payment must be received prior to class, so I can grant you access online.  Please ensure the payment email address you use is the same email you wish to receive the Zoom link for the workshop.

Deadline for pre-payments is Friday by 9:00p.m. Central
Sunday classes will run ONLY if there are 3 or more students are pre-paid by Fri. at 9:00p.m.
Temo will post on her website by Fri. at 9:00p.m. Central if Sunday’s classes will run.

If class is canceled, your pre-payments will apply to the very next class date unless you inform Temo.  Information needed by Fri  9:00p.m. of the date(s) you will be using your pre-paid class payment; otherwise no refunds or credits for classes not attended.

For questions, contact Marija Temo

Single class= $26


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