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Videos of Marija Temo
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Audio- Music (MP3′s) for digital download. (Temo’s music is also available on Amazon, Itunes, and other related music sites)

Guitar piece composed and played by Marija Temo in the flamenco and classical style

Marija Temo Pop Flamenco Crossover
Marija Temo, guitar and vocals
1. Quisiera
2. No Solo el Fuego

Concierto del Fuego (Concerto of Fire) -The Music of Loris Ohannes Chobanian
Guitar Concerto Composed for Marija Temo
Marija Temo, flamenco/classical guitarist
I. Duende
II. Llanto del Cante
III. Juerga Flamenca

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Photo by Ken Ross                 Photo by Ken Ross               Photo by Ken Ross

Photo by Ken Ross             Photo by Tatsuki Kobayashi


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