Performance Programs

Solo Concerts
Consist of classical/flamenco guitar and voice and sometimes an additional flamenco dancer.

Unique Performances & Collaborations
Such as National Television commercial, performance with Zac Brown, Flamenco Documentary film, featured in flamenco musical, PBS Specials on M. Temo, opening for La India with flamenco/pop crossover songs, collaboration with Bob Taylor and Taylor Guitars, and more.

All Spanish programs are Ms. Temo’s specialty (for Light Classics, Pops, and Children Concert Series), which feature her as flamenco/classical guitarist, and/or singer, and/or conductor.

Guitar highlights: Two compositions for Guitar and Orchestra have been written for Ms. Temo that explore both the flamenco and classical styles.

Vocal highlight:  Ms. Temo has been featured as a flamenco vocalist numerous times in de Falla’s, El Amor Brujo.

Educational Presentations
Flamenco Amazement, a lecture-presentation in flamenco guitar, singing, and dance for children and adults with active audience participation. 

Dance Accompanist


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