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(Private, Semi-Private, Coaching 3-4 people)

Group Classes


Lessons and Group Classes in:

Classical & Flamenco Guitar Classes
Classical: right & left-hand technique, repertoire, with importance on phrasing and the music making process

Flamenco: right hand strumming techniques, rhythm, learning how to create solo repertoire, improvise, and to accompaniment flamenco song and dance.

Group classes in Flamenco & Classical Guitar at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music

Flamenco Guitarists are welcome to apply skills learned to Flamenco Dance Classes on Sundays. Click on link for info.

*For current Wisconsin Conservatory students, see: Wisconsin Conservatory list of teaching dates of classical/flamenco guitar lessons and classes with Temo

Flamenco Singing
Marija’s approach to flamenco singing starts from a classical technique base so students learn proper vocal skills in how to increase their range, project, produce good tone, and learn not strain their voice.  Flamenco style is taught by learning how to manipulate the classical vocal techniques to sound flamenco.

Flamenco Dance
Marija specializes in teaching the structure of flamenco dance forms and coaches dancers in how to clearly communicate, compliment, and improvise dance movements and footwork with singers and guitarists.

Group classes in Flamenco Dance for Children & Adults at Cathedral Church of All Saint in downtown Milwaukee (Eastide)


Flamenco Communication
A Specialized Interactive Workshop, created by Temo, for Dancers, Guitarists, and Singers on what is required from each of them to effectively communicate, interact, accompany, compliment, and improvise with one another through a breakdown on the structure of flamenco dance and song forms.


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