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Lessons and Group Classes in:

Classical & Flamenco Guitar Classes
Classical: right & left-hand technique, repertoire, with importance on phrasing and the music making process
Flamenco: right hand strumming techniques, rhythm, learning how to create solo repertoire, improvise, and to accompaniment flamenco song and dance.

Flamenco Singing
Marija’s approach to flamenco singing starts from a classical technique base so students learn proper vocal skills in how to increase their range, project, produce good tone, and learn not strain their voice.  Flamenco style is taught by learning how to manipulate the classical vocal techniques to sound flamenco.

Flamenco Dance
Marija specializes in teaching the structure of flamenco dance forms and coaches dancers in how to clearly communicate, compliment, and improvise dance movements and footwork with singers and guitarists.

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 Temo Flamenco Communication Intensive

A Specialized Interactive Workshop, created by Temo, for Dancers, Guitarists, and Singers on what is required from each of them to effectively communicate, interact, accompany, compliment, and improvise with one another through a breakdown on the structure of flamenco dance and song forms.

August 24-26, 2023, Thurs- Sat, Milwaukee, WI
Flamenco Communication Intensive with Marija Temo and guest dancer/teacher, Kerensa DeMars
(for all levels in Dance, Guitar, & Vocal, working separately & together)

Past Flamenco Intensives

August 25-27, 2022, Thurs- Sat
M. Temo Flamenco Communication Intensive, Milwaukee, WI
(all levels) Dance, Guitar, and Singing, with Guest Dancer/Teacher, Kerensa DeMars

Aug. 26-28, 2021 Milwaukee, WI “in person”
Click on link for info: M. Temo Flamenco Intensive with guest artist, Kerensa DeMars, Milwaukee, WI 8/25-28/21

 8/27-8/30/20 M. Temo Flamenco Communication Intensive w/ guest artist, Kerensa DeMars/ Flamenco Tablao Show/ Juerga via zoom

Flamenco Revealed

Next workshop, TBA

“Flamenco Revealed”, a learning series brought to you by guitarist/singer Marija Temo and dancer Kerensa DeMars for flamenco dancers, guitarists and singers. Designed for flamenco dancers, guitarists and singers, FLAMENCO REVEALED includes monthly online workshops, individual coaching sessions and an educational video series.

Dancers who pre-register receive a prep video with some of the steps we’ll be using during the live workshop. All participants will receive a practice video following the workshop that breaks down the materials in three ways: dance/guitar/cante, dance/guitar, cante/dance. For information about our next workshop click on the link below.

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