Juerga (Flamenco Party): Part of Temo Flam. Comm. Intensive via zoom, 7p.m C, 8/29/20

Juerga (Flamenco Party)

Saturday, 8/29/20
7:00p.m. Central


All about you! Connect with other flamencos, work through the flamenco communication process together and present, or sit back and enjoy:-)

Open to everyone including non-workshop participants.  Bring your favorite tapa, drink, and enjoy the evening. Dress up if you like.

Deadline to Register, 5:00p.m. Central, Fri. 8/29/20
Zoom link to be emailed after 5:00p.m. Central on 8/29/20

To Register for the Juerga, contact Marija Temo  or to also Register for workshops and Flamenco Tablao, click here

If you are participating, you will receive contact info of other dancer, guitarist, and singer participants to prepare your presentation.

If you are not presenting and just want to attend, be sure to register by the deadline to receive the zoom link.

Workshop participants are encouraged to team up with  a guitarist, singer, and/or dancer. Select the material (falseta, letra(s), marcajes, escobilla and/or more) that you want to present. Audio and/or video record one another and send to one another.  At the juerga, for example, sing live to a pre-recorded guitar accompaniment that you worked out with your guitarist. A guitarist can screen share a video of someone dancing and accompany live to screen share of the pre-recorded video. More info below:

Dancers can dance to a guitar or singing audio recording made my one or more of the participants.

Guitarists can accompany an audio recording of a singing participant or screen share a video of dance participant to accompany.

Singers can sing to a guitarist audio accompaniment or screen share a video of dancer participant and sing to the dancer for us all to see.

You may also dance, sing, or play without a participants accompaniment but it is highly encouraged for you to work with another person so you can work out the process.

Non-Workshop participants may also participate by teaming up with a workshop participant or sit back, give jaleo, and enjoy.

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