Registration Flamenco Intensive Aug. 24-26, 2023

Paypal Transaction costs included. Venmo payments also accepted. No refunds or cancellations, Online Payments only.

Package prices are now adjusted but still at a discounted rate and will remain for the intensive.
Deadline to make payments for all Coachings and Workshops: Wed. Aug. 23.

Coaching prices are to be paid separately and are not part of a package rate. For one 50 minute coaching with the instructors, prices are listed for one student, 2 students, or 3 or more.

Best to arrange with other students if you want a 2 person or group coaching, or inquire with M. Temo if someone can be put with you.  You may also sign up for an individual coaching where M. Temo will accompany via guitar and singing, and/or K. DeMars will dance for you.

Email Marija Temo to register for your slot time. First come, first serve. Slot times are guaranteed with payment.

Package prices are for 1 or 2 days and include the following workshops:

For Guitarists & Singers: Bamberas Guitar or Cante, Bamberas Application, and Palmas technique and application workshops.

For Dancers: Dance Technique, Bamberas Dance, Bamberas Application, and Palmas technique and application workshops.

Jam sessions are included for all workshop participants.

Observation: All workshops and coachings are open for an observation fee. (Observation is free for the days that you are registered for a workshop or coaching.)

Coaching pricing options
Select if you are a Dancer, Guitarist, Singer, or Palmero/a


Package Price:Dancers, Aug. 2023 Flamenco Intensive


Package Price:Guitarist or Singer, Aug. 2023 Flamenco Intensive


Observation fee per day $37


A la carte wkshp prices per day, Aug. 2023 Flamenco Intensive
Which day?


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