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St. Elizabeth Catholic school, Rockville, MD, grades 2-6
Students volunteer learning a few flamenco dance steps


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Educational Presentations for Children, Teens, and Adults

Flamenco Amazement is a 45- 50 minute (flamenco guitar, singing, and dance) lecture-presentation for children, teens, and adults with active audience participation, presented by Marija Temo. Flamenco Amazement is offered to Elementary, Middle, and High Schools, Colleges, Library Programs, Retirement Programs, Children and Adult Music Series Programs.

Temo traces the lineage of how flamenco began and demonstrates emotions conveyed through flamenco forms. She presents fiery guitar strumming patterns and techniques, haunting vocals, and percussive dance footwork. Audiences participate in learning rhythmic handclaps, shout words in Spanish, sing a melody, try a few dance steps with flamenco accessories, and at the end perform it altogether.

Flamenco Amazement has presented in venues such as The Prince George’s County Libraries; DC National Aquarium (ages 3 and up), Washington, DC; Ovation Chai Point and St. Johns on the Lake assisted living, Milwaukee, WI; numerous Milwaukee Public School presentations for all grades, Midpark and Berea High Schools, Cleveland, OH; Arundel Middle & High School (700 students combined), Gambrills, MD; Revere Middle and High School, Bath, OH; Richard Montgomery High School (9-12 grade) and St. Elizabeth’s Catholic School (grades 2-6), Rockville, MD; The Collegiate School, Richmond, VA; The Siena School, Silver Spring, MD, The Wakefield School, The Plains, VA, St. Albans School, Washington DC; Westminster College, Westminster, MD; Behrend College, Erie, PA; the Backyard Theatre at Strathmore Hall, Bethesda, MD; the Harmony Hall Concert Series, Fort Washington, MD; and in the US and abroad. Flamenco Amazement has been approved by the Superintendent’s Committee for Performances in Montgomery County Public Schools.



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Flamenco Amazement” by Marija Temo, a lecture-presentation of flamenco guitar, singing, and dance for children, teens, and adults with active audience participation.  See www.marijatemo.com for more info.

Press Quotes

“…Marija Temo wowed Revere Middle and High schools students with her flamenco/classical guitar/dance demonstration. She had her audience of energetic teens singing in Spanish, tapping their shoes and clapping their hands at the passion and rhythm of the music.” – The Bath Country Journal, Bath, OH

“The session culminated with several boys volunteering to perform a simple song and dance on stage. The students, who wore colorful attire for an authentic flamenco look, were accompanied by the rhythmic clapping of the audience.”The Bulletin, St. Albans School.

“She was amazing! What a wonderful experience for our students and for us, too. It is not often that students have an opportunity to be exposed to a different form of music from the one they listen to from their earphones every day, and this was exceptional.”- Danka Zoric Milojkovic, ESOL Teacher, Richard Montgomery High School

” I watched their enthusiasm during the participation times.  As for me, I wondered momentarily if it’s too late for me to take up guitar – every example of her art was stirring.  The schools and students that have the good fortune to hear and watch her will have a memorable experience! – Aremona G Bennett, Teacher, Richard Montgomery High School


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