Time: 13:00:00
Retenerse por Soleá – Holding Back in Soleá
Workshop for Dancers, Guitarists, and Singers.
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Time: 13:00:00
Working with Escobillas - 12 or 1?
Workshop for Dancers, Guitarists, and Singers
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Time: 13:00:00
El Aire de Los Fandangos
Join Kerensa DeMars and I in a workshop exploring a fandangos estribillo (cante) and discussing how to differentiate the estribillo from the letra. We’ll look at which steps work well for the estribillo and how to accompany the estribillo for players.
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Time: 13:00:00
Soleá por Bulería – Salida/Llamada

In this workshop we’ll be exploring a soleá por bulería salida and llamada. We’ll look at how the llamada can be timed to complement the singer’s salida and demonstrate different places where the dancer can begin the llamada. Players will work on the accompaniment for a basic llamada as well as specific accompaniment for the llamada we use in the workshop.

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