Review on Flamenco Completo Workshop (Marija Temo & Ulrika Frank) Atlanta GA, 9-16-18/11

Posted by admin - October 10th, 2011

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Flamenco Completo

The Flamenco Completo workshop returned to Atlanta in September, and as titled, gave students lessons in flamenco as a whole, in an integrated format with guitar, singing, and dance working together at once. Workshop organizers Gloriela Rosas and Rebecca Money Johnson were impressed in this latest workshop by a new, fearless student, who they say had no flamenco background whatsoever. “She signed up for Level 1. She followed pretty well and understood the concept, but the highlight was at the end when everyone got to do a solo. She was the first one to jump in and do the llamada to Marija. It was quite an achievement for a novice,” said Rosas. The Marija to whom Rosas refers is, of course, Marija Temo, a singer and guitarist who teaches Flamenco Completo with dancer Ulrika Frank, a former instructor in Atlanta.

From the beginner to the experienced, the workshop is a reflection of growth among flamenco students in Atlanta. “Atlanta flamenco students are getting better and better, challenging and asking for more information,” says Rosas. To meet the progressing students, she explains, Frank and Temo use clear demonstrations, prepared charts and varying scenarios that make students think.


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