Flamenco Revealed Online Wkshp w/ Kerensa DeMars & Marija Temo, 7/17/21

Posted by admin - July 1st, 2021

Flamenco Revealed Online Workshop (for dancers, guitarists, and singers)
w/ Kerensa DeMars & Marija Temo

Sat. July 17TH
1-2:30PM CST (2-3:30p.m. EST/ 11-12:30 PT)

Staying in Shape(s)

Despite the cheeky title this workshops covers a very important part of flamenco communication – how the dancer moves on stage and the shapes she/he creates. Using a section of a dance (escobilla transition to a letra) we’ll look at how the dancer cues the singer and guitarist by the way they move from one place to the next and what happens when the movement isn’t clear. Guitarists will have a chance to work with understanding the pattern/shapes the dancer creates so they can anticipate the sequence and find a strong musical accompaniment. Singers will work on anticipating cues so they can relax and do some jaleo and feel confident about when the letra comes in. Dancers will look at how their shapes/patterns are read by the musicians and how to give clear signals.

Dancers who register by Wednesday July 14th will receive a prep video that includes the choreography we’ll use in the workshop.

All participants will receive a practice video
following the workshop with the material we cover.

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