5/23/20, Online Workshop, Launching “Flamenco Revealed” w/ Marija Temo & Kerensa DeMars

5/23/20, Online Workshop, Launching “Flamenco Revealed” w/ Marija Temo & Kerensa DeMars

Posted by admin - May 10th, 2020


is a learning series brought to you by guitarist/singer Marija Temo and dancer Kerensa DeMars. Designed for flamenco dancers, guitarists and singers, FLAMENCO REVEALED includes monthly online workshops, individual coaching sessions and an educational video series.

MONTHLY WORKSHOPS ONLINE: Each month we present a new topic and work with students on the technique and communication skills related to that topic. Previous workshops have covered: Bulerías de Cadiz, Tangos del Titi, Tientos/Tangos Transitions and Bulerías Salidas. We break down the steps, cante, and accompaniment for each topic and talk about how the dancer, player and singer can work together most effectively. We answer questions and students have the opportunity to work on their own responsiveness skills.



1-2:30PM CST (2-3:30p.m. EST/ 11-12:30 PT)


FEE: $65

Join us Saturday May 23rd for an online workshop focused on bulerías remates. We will explore how dancers, singers and guitarists can work most effectively together to finish musical phrases in bulerías. Dancers will work on three different remates, exploring which remates work best with which letras and how to work with the singer to finish together. Singers will learn different ways of finishing bulerías letras. Guitarists will work on different styles of accompaniment for each remate.

As always in our live workshops we answer your questions, discuss how to best support each other, act out the problem spots and illustrate how to clearly communicate with your dancer, guitarist and singer.

Dancers who register by May 20th will receive a prep video showing the remates we’ll be using in the workshop. All participants will receive a practice video following the workshop that breaks down the material in three sections: guitar/cante/baile, guitar/baile, cante/baile.

Payments must be received by 11am CST on the day of the workshop. Please ensure the payment email address you use is the same email you wish to receive the Zoom link for the workshop. Complete your registration by visiting FLAMENCO REVEALED


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Temo & DeMars April flamenco workshop series on Saturdays via zoom

Posted by admin - March 31st, 2020


I am excited to inform you of the following workshop series for the month of April!


Flamenco Communication Workshop for Guitarists, Singers and Dancers

Marija Temo and Kerensa DeMars are teaming up to offer some quarantine relief, flamenco style.  We will break down the steps, cante, and accompaniment for each section and talk about how the dancer, player and singer can work together most effectively. We’ll answer questions and you’ll have the opportunity to work on your own responsiveness skills.  Zoom will be the platform used to give better communication options and segments of the workshop will be recorded for you to use later as practice tools.

We hope you’ll join us for this fun Saturday afternoon workshop series during the month of April. Let’s use this opportunity to deepen our flamenco knowledge and practice in new ways.

Week One: A Window Into the Creative Process: Alegrias (Buleria de Cadiz, salida, llamada) Read More »

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Temo & DeMars Joint Flamenco Wkshp, Milwaukee, WI, 2/1/2020

Posted by admin - December 21st, 2019

Temo and DeMars joint Flamenco Workshop for all levels
(dance with cante and guitar application)

: Sat. Feb. 1
Palo: Tangos
Time: 1:00- 3:00p.m.
Fee: $60 pre-paid, $65 walk in
Where: The Cathedral Church of All Saints, 816 East Juneau Ave., Milwaukee, WI
Update: (The workshop will take place in the choir room, one floor upstairs. Easiest access is to take the stairs located near the downstairs bathroom.)
Street parking available and also behind and to the side of the church. Be sure your car is in spots facing the church side; otherwise you will be towed.

Workshop Itinerary:
Dance Technique Warm up
Transition drills
Interchanging remates and marcajes with the same letra
Working with salidas (how to start, when to start)
Controlling your speed and adjusting your step to various speeds
How to give supportive palmas
Question and Answer period

Venmo or Paypal accepted. (Transaction fees are included in Paypal purchases. Venmo does not have transaction fees and can be paid directly from your phone. Ask Temo to friend you on Venmo.)



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Temo Flamenco Communication Intensive for Dancers, Guitarists, & Singers. Guest artists, Wendy Clinard & Kerensa DeMars, Milwaukee, WI, 9/12-15/19

Posted by admin - July 30th, 2019

Temo Flamenco Communication Bulerias intensive
for all levels in Dance, Guitar, and Singing
with guest professional dancers, Wendy Clinard and Kerensa DeMars

Learn the application process together in the same classes
Each day we will review and add new concepts

About Kerensa DeMars

Marija Temo’s Flamenco Communication Workshop

A specialized Interactive Workshop, created by Temo, (for Dancers, Guitarists, and Singers) on what is required from each of them to effectively communicate (interact, accompany, compliment, and improvise) with one another through a breakdown on the structure of flamenco dance and song forms. Sought after for her unique ability to teach all three of the flamenco genres (dance, guitar, and singing), Temo explains (through the use of graphic charts that she has devised) the underlying structure of complete flamenco dance and song forms, demonstrates important moments that need to be conveyed, and has participants try out the process.  Her workshops were offered for 10 years consecutively at the University of New Mexico International Flamenco Festival, at the Toronto International Flamenco Festival, and reviewed in magazines such as Flamenco USA, Flamenco International (London, England), and Dance Magazine. Temo has traveled to many cities in the US offering her Communication Workshop helping flamenco communities develop their communication skills in how to work with guitarists, singers, and dancers. For more info on Marija Temo click here:  http://www.marijatemo.com/marija-temo-biography/

Itinerary (Schedule of classes change daily) See below.

Thursday, 9/12/19 Itinerary
Friday, 9/13/19 Itinerary
Saturday, 9/14/19 Itinerary
(Juerga Flamenca (Flamenco party Sat., tonight!),
Open to all, including those that cannot attend the intensive. See link for details
Sunday, 9/15/19 Itinerary

Dance Studio ( See below)
Airport/Amtrak/Transportation/Restaurants (See below)
Hotel and Housing (See below)

To register and make payment
(Per day package rates and build your own flamenco day with the times and days you can attend)

  Read More »


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