M. Temo Flamenco Communication Intensive with guest artist, Kerensa DeMars, Milwaukee, WI 8/26-28/21

M. Temo Flamenco Communication Intensive with guest artist, Kerensa DeMars, Milwaukee, WI 8/26-28/21

Posted by admin - July 2nd, 2021

Flamenco Communication Intensive “in person”
with Marija Temo and Guest Artist, Kerensa DeMars

Cuadro coaching/Por Fiesta Class/Cuadro Performances/Juerga/Observe

(Thurs- Sat.) Aug. 26- 28, 2021

Cuadro Coaching & Performances
This year’s intensive is an exciting opportunity for you to work on your communication skills with a group of singers, guitarists, dancers, and palmeros together. Known as a ‘cuadro’ in Flamenco performances, the cuadro groups will be coached together and perform together.

Each student will have the opportunity to work at their level as a performer or as a cuadro member in a support role with other participants.  Students will be assigned to one of  two cuadro groups of dancers, singers, and guitarists to work with for the three days.  What will be addressed: Improving flamenco communication skills for any problem areas that surface, how to fix things on the fly, and support your fellow artists with good palmas, jaleo, and seco playing (muffled playing) . Besides working with each other, players, singers, and dancers in cuadro style will get to work with Marija and Kerensa. The intensive will culminate in a performance with two cuadro groups planning their set list and performing for each other.

Por Fiesta classes
In addition, a por fiesta class for all levels will be offerred. Por fiesta refers to fun, energetic group numbers in bulerias or tangos. Dancers perform a small series of movements accompanied with singing, guitar accompaniment, and palmas. In performance, dancers dance one after the other with various singers. Por Fiesta students are encouraged to participate in the fin de fiesta part of the Cuadro performances if they so wish with their own repertoire, performing the material taught in the por fiesta class, or participating with palmas.  Por Fiesta students will be assigned a cuadro group for the fin de fiesta part of the performance.

Everyone will have an opportunity to participate in the performance if they wish. The performances will be recorded for your personal use following the intensive.

Juerga (Flamenco Party)
Sat. after the Cuadro Performances at the Church where the Intensive is being held.

Observe:  Observation fees are for those persons not registering for the Cuadro coaching or Por Fiesta classes; otherwise all student registered may observe the Cuadro coaching and Por Fiesta classes for free.

July 25, 2021: Deadline for performers to register and submit the following info to be part of a Cuadro Group. Email Marija Temo, info@marijatemo.com

Aug. 25, 2021
: Deadline to register for the Por Fiesta classes or just Observe

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M. Temo Flamenco Communication Intensive w/ guest artist, Kerensa DeMars/ Flamenco Tablao Show/ Juerga via zoom, 8/27- 8/30/20

Posted by admin - July 30th, 2020

Welcome to Marija Temo’s “Flamenco Communication Intensive” 8/27-8/30/20

This year’s intensive has been creatively designed via zoom (for all levels in dance, guitar, and singing), and will be co-taught with guest artist, Kerensa DeMars.


Co-Teaching Video Clip of Marija Temo and Kerensa DeMars

Marija Temo’s Flamenco Communication Workshop

A specialized Interactive Workshop, created by Temo, (for Dancers, Guitarists, and Singers) on what is required from each of them to effectively communicate (interact, accompany, compliment, and improvise) with one another through a breakdown on the structure of flamenco dance and song forms. Sought after for her unique ability to teach all three of the flamenco genres (dance, guitar, and singing), Temo explains (through the use of graphic charts that she has devised) the underlying structure of complete flamenco dance and song forms, demonstrates important moments that need to be conveyed, and has participants try out the process.  Her workshops were offered for 10 years consecutively at the University of New Mexico International Flamenco Festival, at the Toronto International Flamenco Festival, and reviewed in magazines such as Flamenco USA, Flamenco International (London, England), and Dance Magazine. Temo has traveled to many cities in the US offering her Communication Workshop helping flamenco communities develop their communication skills in how to work with guitarists, singers, and dancers. For more info on Marija Temo click here:  http://www.marijatemo.com/marija-temo-biography/

Workshop Forms

Tangos de Triana, All levels
(2 days) Thurs. & Fri, 8/27-28/20
(Day 1- letra in minor, Day 2- letra in phrygian)

Solea por Bulerias, Int- Adv.
(2 days) Sat. & Sun. 8/29-30/20,
One letra (different structure type commonly used)

Each flamenco form includes the following:

Flamenco Structure Workshop
Breakdown of the structure, how to follow the letra, what to listen for, and options from a dance, guitar, and singing perspective

Dance Workshop

Guitar/Singing Workshop

Flamenco Communication Workshop
Application: Putting the material together with dancers, guitarists, and singers, and discussing the communication details.


Pre-Registration deadline has been extended to Wed. 8/24/20, 8pm Central
to receive a Prep Dance Video, Prep Guitar, and/or Cante Audio recording of the material to be taught in the intensive.

Registration Deadline for the Flamenco Intensive: Wed. 8/26/20 (8p.m. Central)

Workshop Itinerary



Flamenco Tablao Show (Online)

with Kerensa DeMars and Marija Temo

Friday, 8/28/20
Show: 7:00-7:45p.m. Central with Q & A after the show

Fee: $21
Open to everyone including non-workshop participants

(Click on headings for more info.)


Juerga (Flamenco Party Online)
Saturday, 8/29/20
7:00p.m. Central
All about you! Connect with other flamencos, work through the flamenco communication process together and perform, or sit back and enjoy:-)
Open to everyone including non-workshop participants

(Click on heading links for more info.)


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Marija Temo Flamenco Communication Intensive w/ guest dancer, Wendy Clinard / Performance of Temo Students (coming from IL, IA, KY, GA, VA, & OH) / Juerga (Flamenco party) for everyone, Milwaukee, WI, July 14-16/2017

Posted by admin - June 16th, 2017

July 14-16/2017 (Fri- Sun)

The first Marija Temo Flamenco Communication intensive in Milwaukee, WI
July 14-16, 2017

with guest contemporary flamenco dancer, Wendy Clinard

for Guitarists, Singers, and Dancers of all levels in interactive:
Coaching sessions
Flamenco Discussions
Performance of Temo Students flying in from IL, IA, KY, GA, VA, and OH
Juerga (Flamenco Party)

Open to observers, flamenco enthusiasts, and all levels in flamenco guitar, song, and dance (including rank beginners).

Temo students from IL, IA, KY, GA, VA, and OH will be flying in for the intensive and presenting a performance as well partying flamenco style in Juerga directly after the performance for all audience members, flamenco aficionados, performers, and musicians, including artist’s Marija Temo and Wendy Clinard to join in on the fun.​

Observe and/or try out your skills working with different guitarists, singers, and dancers, and receive constructive coaching from Marija Temo and Wendy Clinard as well as have the opportunity to accompany Wendy Clinard in palmas, guitar, and song.  The choice is yours on what you would like to participate in and/or observe.

Structure, improvisation, interpretation of song, dance, and guitar when interacting with one another, and palmas accompaniment are some of the aspects to be covered.  An opportunity to  meet other flamencos, eat, have flamenco discussions by Lake Michigan, and party flamenco together.

Welcome to the first Flamenco Communication intensive in Milwaukee, WI where there is amazing weather in July! Read More »

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Marija Temo’s Flamenco Structure & Improv Intensive: Out of state students in (guitar, song, & dance) meet to be coached together (slots open for local students), accompany guest dancer, Wendy Clinard, & juerga (flamenco party with local flamencos), Chicago & Naperville, IL, 10- (15-18)-15

Posted by admin - October 4th, 2015

Flamenco Coaching Intensive in Structure and Improvisation
Marija Temo’s out of state students from (GA, KY, OH, & VA) in guitar, song, and dance, to be coached together

(Thurs- Sun) 10/15- 18/15 

Thurs., Oct. 15, 2015 (Naperville, IL)

Students arrive from the different Chicago airports

12:00- 4:00p.m.
Temo out of state students: Semi-privates and small group coaching of 3 people with the palos they have chosen: Tangos de Malaga and Siguiriyas for those arriving 12:00- 4:00p.m.

The remaining group of students arrive at hotel. We all check in at hotel.
Dinner together
Grocery shop for the weekend
Return to Hotel

Fri., Oct. 16, 2015
(Chicago, IL)

One day opportunity to accompany guest Contemporary Flamenco Dancer, Wendy Clinard
10:00a.m- 6:45p.m.

Palos to be covered: Tangos, Bulerias, Solea, Solea por Bulerias, maybe Alegrias

Flamenco Survival:
Run through with no stops, letra after letra according to Wendy’s improvised structure.
2nd run through, stop & address issues that come up with Wendy to be worked on in each category Read More »


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